JoJo had to pack for his trip today – he was really  nervous.  The situation hasn’t been going in his favor at all and he’s worried it will continue that way.  While putting Aubrey to bed he thought a lot about it and she must have picked up on the vibe.  He said that she sat there and rubbed his face and gave him lots of kisses.  She hugged him a couple of times like she was telling him “It’s OK daddy!”.  This is a photo of her saying CHEESE – a sure sign I take way to many photos.  She does this everytime I bring out a camera!


Today is Tuesday so off to Nana’s we go.  I found this old guitar of Riley’s upstairs and I was going to recycle it for a Christmas gift but she found it and rocked out with it.  Notice the cell phone behind her. SUCH A ROCKSTAR!

Today was JoJo’s first day of personal training, he only has one client so far but its a start.  Aubrey and I stayed home and cooked dinner in the crock pot – sheesh I love that thing.  I also had to order JoJo’s plane ticket he is flying out to Michigan this thursday to handle some family business.  I have been admiring our Christmas Decorations for a long time but this one really stood out today.  It is one of our first ones and it means a lot because honestly without LOVE we would have never made it through all the ups and downs over the past 3 years!

Joey had a training class this morning/afternoon so it was just us girls.  When I put Aubrey down for her nap Dakota decided she would join her.

We went to pick Aubrey up this morning, she stayed with my mom while we were at the party.  When we got there my sister was there with Riley.  So Riley and Aubrey started goofing off and we had a mini christmas photo shoot and I got this cute photo of Riley as she was walking out the door. . .such a ham!

Tonight was JoJo’s Office Christmas Party.  I FINALLY got to wear my red heels.  I bought these the winter I found out I was pregnant and they have sat in a box since then!!!

Today when we went to my mom’s my sister was there.  She and Aubrey decided that Aubrey should be a princess and Aubrey completely agreed!

Today I decided to give Dakota a toy I bought her a few weeks back.  The day she got it she immediately tore out the squeaker tonight she finished it off!

Today Aubrey and I hung out at the house.  During nap time Dakota decided she would join Aubrey and I just had to get a photo of it!

Happy Birthday Dawn

We took Aubrey to see Santa today, she was super excited up until she actually had to sit on his lap.  After we dropped Joey off at work we headed to my mom’s to go christmas shopping!

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