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I will be posting the rest of the 2009 photos this week, but for 2010 my photos will be on my personal blog located here.

Hope to see you there


I am going to be getting rid of my old host server this week so any photos I have loaded from yesterday and back will be missing.  Just wanted to give you a heads up!

Thanks for stopping by!

I got a haircut today!  Right now I am ok with it, it’s a little shorter than I wanted but still a cute cute.  After that Aubrey and I had lunch with JoJo.  He was really tired today.  He is the one that gets up with Aubrey at night (his choice) and she had a bad night last night.

We had dinner at his mom’s today and she was so excited to spend some time with Aubrey. This is her 2nd time seeing her. She took the girls outside to let them play in the pool and Irwana splashed water in her face and grandma was there to comfort her.

Today Aubrey and I rode with NaNa to take Mema to the doctor.  While we were waiting for her to finish up with her appointment Nana decided to give Aubrey a taste of her drink.  We got so tickled when she chomped down on the straw and made this silly face! She is such a clown.

Today was a lazy day for Bre and I. I was recovering from a saturday night party (sheesh I aint as young as I used to be) and Bre was nice enough to let us nap all day. This is her waking up from a nap. CRAZY HAIR and a SMILE on her face. That’s my girl!

Went to meet with my florist today and to pay the next half of the deposit. . . . WOW that was a big check and I think I may have had a small anxiety attack.

Beginning Feb. 9th. . . . . . . .

Andy’s Cheesesteaks. . . . While I don’t eat the cheesesteaks (vegetarian) I do love to drink their homemade Orange Ade.  We don’t get to go her often so when we do it’s always a treat.  We had to go pick up my cousin today so he could play flag football with JoJo we took this opportunity to stop and eat at Andy’s !!!

so I have all the photos taken I just haven’t had a chance to post them.  TODAY IS THE DAY!!! I will be completely updated before I go to bed tonight.

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