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I won’t be posting a pic today – I did take one but it was Joey doing his best to make Aubrey laugh and he made me promise not to post it! 🙂


It turned out to be a really nice day so we all went for a walk!

Jordan stayed with us tonight so we had to go pick her up.  We ended up meeting her and my mom at Pizza Hut and afterwards we had to stop by WalMart to get diapers.  While there my 12 year old boy humor kicked in and I HAD to take a pic of this!!

It was such a nasty day today.  When I went to pick Joey up from work I stayed in the car.  As I was waiting I noticed just how cool the logo looked through the raindrops!

Aubrey and I vegged out all day.  We stayed in our PJs, we let Joey drive to work and we NEVER LEFT THE HOUSE.  We were playing with her headbands that afternoon and I made her an 80’s star! 🙂

My mom has agreed to watch Aubrey every tuesday and thursday while I get work done.  Today I was packing my stuff up to get ready to come home when I saw this. . . . . isn’t it the most precious thing ever!!

After dropping JoJo off at work we had lots of errands to run.  Aubrey was such a good girl and it was such a pretty day that I treated her to the park!  We waited til Riley got out of school so they could play together.  Papa stopped by and played with them as well.

Aubrey stayed with my mom last night.  After JoJo got home from football I headed to pick her up.  When I got there she was napping on the couch and looked so precious!

Last night after dinner we had to pick up some items from Target.  While there we bought Aubrey these Elmo bedroom shoes.  She was asleep when we got home but this morning when she woke up we put them on her and she LOVED THEM!!!

Today was daddy/daughter day and laundry day for mommy.  It amazes how much laundry we go through!

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