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A day in front of the computer, then dinner and shopping with a friend – a good day – a good husband!


I had most of the day to myself today – JoJo is being so great about giving me a couple of days off every week.  I spent most of the day with my sister.  The jewelry making bug has hit her and she is so good at it.  Right now she is working on a series of jewelry that is made of found vintage pieces!

JoJo didn’t work today him and Aubrey had their date day!  He took the car to FINALLY get inspected and get some tags on it.  That night after he put her to bed we cleaned out our closet!!! These are just a small portion of HIS clothes!!!!!

We had lots of errands to run today.  The weather was so gloomy and overcast as I was pulling into the parking lot these 2 antennas caught my attention.  I love how they are piercing the clouds

Finally Fall weather is here.  It was cool enough for Aubrey to put her new tights on!  I got all dressed up and then we went to the gym.  Of course JoJo gushed when we walked in and he saw how cute she was!

Today is our day at home, no errands, no gym – just relaxing.  Poor Nova wished we had errands to run.  Aubrey has discovered the cats are small enough that she can pick them up!

My sister rode with me to pick up my tags – they STILL are not ready.  So we went to Starbucks and then to Target!  Aubrey is in deseprate need of a belt and they dont make them in her size so I had to hit the big girl section and buy one  and make it fit.  While we were standing there looking for belts the cutest little girl came over to Aubrey to give her a hug.  He mom said she was about 16 months old – smaller than Aubrey and her name was Audrey.  How cute is that?

My dad really really wanted to take Aubrey and Riley to this local Pumpkin Patch.  They had all kinds of rides and games for them to play.  THEY HAD AN AMAZING TIME but my dad had a better time!

I spent the day with my sister.  I helped her take photos for her vintage etsy store.  We went out to eat, we went to Michaels, we processed concert photos, we went to target.  It was a good day

JoJo had to mentor at the high school today and he took after he finished up him and Aubrey had a daddy/daughter date.  I gave her bath and got her ready and then I had the rest of the day to myself!!

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