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We spent the day at my mema’s today.  I am going to try to do this at least once a week.  My mema is such a special woman and I want Aubrey to know all about her.  After we left there we ran a few errands and went to pick jojo up from work.  We got there a few minutes early so Aubrey and I hung out in the daycare until he got off work.


Today was such a busy day.  We had to take the laptop to the apple store – they can’t fix it!  We then went to pick my mom up from her eye doctor appointmet.  She spent a couple of hours with us – while waiting for her eyes to get right.  After that Dawn and I took Riley and Aubrey out so we could take some photos of them.  WE GOT SO MANY AMAZING SHOTS!!!!!  When we got home I saw that the sun had hid behind some clouds and made the most gorgeous glowing effect!

We got up this morning thinking we were going to spend the day with mema.  I called her to let her know we were on our way and she told me she actually was spending the day with her sister.  I was happy that she was getting out of the house.  So Aubrey and I ran some errands and came home.  Later that evening I took her and Riley to the gym to play in the daycare while I made some phone calls.  I really should have been working out!!

Lately Aubrey has become such a cuddler, especially when she is upset.  Today she got so mad at me because I would not let her play in the bathroom.  She sat down in the middle of the floor and cried while hugging her Teddy Bear.  It was quite cute – everything but the temper tantrum!!

EXCITING DAY!!!!!! I got a new lense, vonnie let me borrow her flash and gave me a new camera bag.  I think I took about 300 shots today since 4pm.  Its funny all this lighting stuff and I choose to take a photo of the night sky 🙂

I have been with JoJo for almost 3 years now and I have never taken him to see my parent’s pond – today Riley and I did.  We discovered duck eggs scattered all around it!  It was cool but disturbing!

Riley wanted Aubrey to spend the night with her and Nana, so I took her there today.  While there I walked around the yard with my dad and discovered he is growing grapes!!!

JoJo was off work today so we ran some errands, took Aubrey to Chick Fil A.  We then picked Riley up from school and headed to the park.  While there we met this guy and he bit Riley.  He is a puss caterpillar and he is poisonous!! STAY AWAY FROM HIM!!!!

Aubrey and I stayed home all day except the little bit of time we went to pick up JoJo from work.  While he was cooking dinner I was relaxing outside with the dogs and Aubrey was standing at the door to make sure we were ok!

Woke up feeling much better this morning.  I headed to my mom’s to pick Aubrey up while in town I went by the docs so they can run some blood tests.  I have this weird hormone disorder and sometimes that can cause me to stay really sick.  Aubrey was in such a good mood tonight I love to hear her laugh!

This sums up how I felt today, HORRIBLE.  JoJo stayed home with Aubrey until late afternoon then he took her to my mom’s to spend the night.  I hope whatever is wrong with me will soon pass!

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