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Today was Logan’s Bday Party (the son of a friend of mine he is 6).  He had is party at adventure landing and we took Riley.  All the kids got  tokens to play games and win prizes.


We have a wedding to attend tomorrow night so JoJo had to buy a new suit today! It looks great on him.  We then ate lunch, went to target and try to buy a car.  IT WAS AN EXHAUSTING DAY!

Today I am worse, I didn’t even get out bed!! This the view of my life right now!!!


Bridal portrait day!!!  This is a photo of one of the sconces in the reception hall!

When I got home that night I ate dinner and went straight to bed, I felt like I was getting a little sick!!!!

THANK YOU SWEET JESUS!!!! I finished Aubrey’s first year album just in time to have it printed and delivered for her birthday party!  it was a total of 99 pages and amazing.  Check out the final product:

What a sad day.  When I left church my sister called to tell me something was wrong with Bob.  Bob is a stray that showed up about a year ago.  She came with another cat named Tracy. Riley named her Bob because half her tail was missing and she had a bobbed tail.  Anyway we found out a month or so ago that Bob was actually a girl when we discovered she was pregnant.  I knew that she had gone into labor about a week ago but we hadn’t seen her since then.  We just figured she had gone off to have her babies. . . .she had but there were complications and without getting to graphic labor was to much of a strain on her.  My sister found her that morning lying on the back porch in bad condition.  We rushed her to the ER and there was nothing that could be done for her.

This was picture was taken a little over a month ago but I felt like it should be my picture of the day!!!  We miss you Bob!

Today Cat and Payton had to leave.  This picture cracks me up JoJo is so serious and the girls are so not in the mood for a pic and LOOOOOOK at Aubrey’s hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very busy day.  Cat and I got up and headed to Smithfield so that we could hit the outlets and help me find a dress to wear to a wedding next weekend. FOUND THE PERFECT one and now I have the little black dress every woman needs.  We then had lunch with my mom, I was stressed out from the amount of stuff I have to do for the wedding and the little bit of time I have to do it in.  That night JoJo and I had a birthday party to go to. It was fun and they had this great cake called “MudPie” which was basically oreos and pudding.  However nothing was better than coming home and staying up late talking with Cat and sharing an ENTIRE bottle of wine with her 🙂

Today Cat and I stay home, caught up with each other, she watched Aubrey while I worked, and just relaxed.  When JoJo got home from work he cooked us dinner. . .  but not before Aubrey got to show off her new stair climbing talent her daddy taught her!!!!

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