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It’s my bridal shower!!!

It was an absolutely perfect day.  Small, quaint with the important folks there.  Hayley and her mom hosted it for me at this gorgeous historic home.  Hayley also made this beautiful cake for me.  It was so pretty and I got so many pics of the whole cake but I just had to make sure I got something that showed just how chocolate this cake was.  IT WAS AWESOME!


Jordan is going to spend the night tonight, so I went to pick her up today.  Later that evening we had dinner with Dawn and toured her new place.  It is an old house that has been turned into apartments and it is so cute.  This is the light in the foyer of the house and it represents all the style of the house.

I was going to my mom’s today so we could run some wedding errands.  On the way their some guy turned right into the front of my car so I spent the rest of the day trying to find a rental car and getting police reports.  I am so upset about this car.  I have had her for 9 years and she was PAID for!

Dawn’s bridesmaid dress came in today so I rode with her to pick it up.  Afterwards she was going to start moving some stuff into her new place so I said Riley could spend the afternoon with Aubrey and I.  During afternoon snack Riley was telling me all about how she had to get her ear repierced.  She was really proud of how brave she was!

I got up and went to the gym this morning then Aubrey and I ran some errands.  That afternoon I put her in her room to play so I could do some housework.  I went into the room looking for her and couldn’t find her anywhere.  She had slipped behind her curtains to look out the window.  When I found her she cracked up and started playing peek a boo in the curtains.

Aubrey and I stayed home all day and caught up on housework.  When JoJo came home from work he brought home Bojangles (if you are not from the south it is some of the best fried chicken and biscuits).  While watching out nightly television programs Aubrey insisted on sitting with daddy, we later found out why.  While we were entranced in tv she was sneaking her hands in his box pulling out crumbs. . . . . .

Today was a great day!  JoJo watched Aubrey alllllll day and let me scrapbook allllll day.  I mean alllllllll day.  Her birthday is coming up so fast and I want to have her first year book completed for her party and I am no way near having it done!

My cousin Andy came home from Afghanistan today!!!  My Aunt cooked a big family dinner for him.  No family dinner is complete without JoJo outside playing with the kids.  Here he is chasing Jenna and Riley.

Tonight is date night! My mom is keeping Aubrey so that JoJo and I can go to a movie!  I drove Aubrey to my mom’s house and while I was there this really bad storm came up.  On the way home I saw the most beautiful rainbow.  This was the first time I ever saw the beginning and the end of a rainbow.  At one point it was a double rainbow, I caught a shot of it but it didn’t turn out all that great!

Another day of wedding planning.  This is my wedding book and my TO DO list that seems to get longer every day instead of shorter.  The RSVPs are due this saturday so I hope that I can start crossing things off.

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