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Today we went to my moms AGAIN – hahaha I love the pool in the summer.  After getting out of the pool Aubrey was running around in nothing but a diaper and Riley was sitting at the coffee table drinking a juice box and coloring.  Aubrey decided that the juice box looked good so she walked over picked it up and began to drink from the straw.  I was shocked and quite amused!


Tonight I met Hayley at a new Italian place in downtown.  It was a special birthday dinner for her.

Aubrey spent the night with Nana last night so this morning I got up and went to meet them for lunch.  She looked so cute in her polka dot dress.  We bought this dress for her to wear on her 1st birthday but she is growing so fast that it fits her now. I guess we need to start looking a new Birthday dress.  After lunch we headed back out to the pool.

Today Jordan, Aubrey and I spent the day at my moms in the pool!  It was such a great and relaxing day.  Before we left that morning I let Sienna and Dakota out for their morning potty break and they could not resist lying in the sun to catch a few rays.  They looked so happy that I packed them up and took them with us.  They had a great day in the country!

Today Jojo and Garrett left for football camp and my dad came over and installed a brand new back patio!! I am so excited to finally be getting an outdoor space.  Aubrey watched from inside while papa poured cement.

Ugggggh this day!  What was supposed to be a day to myself turned out the opposite.  However I ended it on a good note. I met Hayley at her favorite mexican place and we laughed, talked and drank!!!!! YUM Mango Magarita!

Jordan and I ran to Petsmart tonight to pick up some pet supplies while there I say this GORGEOUS kitten that was up for adoption.  His name was Charly and he really wanted to come home with me but I knew 2cats and 2dogs were enough. . . . . .maybe 🙂



**Sorry for the spots he was behind a glass window – a dirty glass window apparently!

Jordan, Aubrey and I got up early and headed to my mom’s to go swimming.  It was a great day in the pool and I got a great tan.  Around 2ish we noticed a storm brewing so we hoped in the car to head home.  Before we could get out of the driveway the bottom fell out.  We headed down Brogden Road only to find a tree in the middle of it.  So we then turned around and head the opposite way to find the underpass was flooded!  All this happened in a matter of 20 minutes.  I was so happy when we finally got home and out of all this mess!

Aubrey and I went to have lunch with my mom, mema and Jordan.  We then headed over to my mema’s to spend the rest of the afternoon. It was fun we looked at old photos (which I may post later).  We then headed to the gym and then home.  JoJo’s favorite hairstyle are afro puffs and Aubrey’s hair is finally long enough to get mini puffs.  So he begged me to style her hair while she was in the tub (the only place where she lets me style her hair).  He was so excited!!!!

Headed to the mall today with one goal. . . . . GET JOJO’s WEDDING BAND!! Goal accomplished – we went to Jared!! lol

After that we head over to best buy and while JoJo and Aubrey were lost in TV land I headed to the camera section to play with lenses.  I don’t even remember which one this was.  All I know is I was standing in the middle of the store this TV was on the other side. . . . . . .  I AM IMPRESSED!!

We then bought a new flat screen for the bedroom 32″ for $300 that’s a deal!

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