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JoJo got home late last night and we got up early and headed to my moms.  She cooked a huuuuuuge lunch for us.  Riley had on the sassiest skirt -actually I think it was a slip but she was wearing it as a skirt.  Apparently her and her mom found it at a Thrift store.  She kept spinning around in it and telling me that she was a ballerina.


Today we went to David’s Bridal to buy the flowergirl dresses and the two remaining bridesmaid dresses.  We then headed to Cheesecake Factory for lunch  They had the cutest little Ducks on Parade statues.  Aubrey thought they were amazing and sat and stared at them for almost 15 minutes!

Had a great day today! I went to my mom’s and she watched Aubrey alllll day so that I could get caught up on my freelance work.  Then my florist came over and we finalized centerpieces for the wedding.  Later that night Aubrey and I had dinner with Papa and Nana at my favorite country buffet.  On the way home Aubrey fell asleep and I was able to catch this beautiful sunset!

JoJo left for PA this morning.

Today I had to take my mom back to the doctor for a followup on her eye surgery. I was so excited because the last time I was there the eggs hadn’t hatched yet. . . . . .  TODAY WE HAD BABIES.  I probably took about 200 pictures of these babies and Aubrey yelled at them and made the mommies mad but we had a great time just watching them.  I love this pic of them walking in line down the sidewalk back to the pond.  Later that evening I went out to dinner with my parents only to remember halfway through the meal that my STOVE was on.  I had to leave as fast as I could and got home just in time.  The pan had actually started smoking as I walked in.  I realized tonight that I need to figure out a way to get more organized and less stressed!!! I will let you know when I figure this out!

After the gym this morning Aubrey and I had some errands to run then we went and ate lunch with JoJo.  After lunch we went home and Aubrey slept the rest of the afternoon which left me some much needed alone time with my girls.  This is Dakota she is 10 years old and truly my best friend.  I love this little dog and I love how she just laid there and let me shoot dozens of pictures of her, even though I was disrupting her afternoon nap!

Today my sister and I decided to start making jewelry again!  Here is our dragonfly ring!!! My sister actually made this one and I think she did a great job on it.  She spent the day with Aubrey and I.  Aubrey slept most of the day and I got a lot of work done.  It was a good day!

JoJo brought home his helmet tonight and as you can see Aubrey is already practicing!  Aubrey was so happy to see him she hasn’t got used to him being gone 3-4 days at a time.

This day was just a mess. . .  woke up to nasty rainy weather.  I promised Jordan that she could have my old IMac as a thank you for helping me clean but I needed to get her a cord for it so WE HAD to get out in the rain to go to Best Buy to get it.  When I got there I was just so tired and out of it and I locked my keys in the car.  I had to wait for my dad to bring the spare.  Once Jordan left Aubrey and I took a 2 hour nap, woke up and I gave her a bath.  Of course her bodyguard, Sienna, had to be right by the tub the entire time.  Since Aubrey was born Sienna has watched EVERY move this baby made.  When she cries Sienna comes running for us.  When she is asleep in the crib Sienna is lying beside it. It really is the cutest thing ever.

JoJo was out of town again this weekend (work) so I had Jordan stay with me.  We spent the entire day cleaning my house.  My house wasn’t this clean when we moved in.  When we finally finished up around six that evening I treated us to Cheesefries.  On the way out I noticed this one lonely berry on my holly bush and for some reason it really made a connection with me.  Maybe it was because jojo was gone and I felt so lonely without him, maybe it was because Aubrey had been out of control all weekend and I felt out on a limb with her, who knows!?!?!

I used Pioneer Womans action Seventies.

Today was a busy day.  My mom and I did wedding stuff most of the day, we then ate lunch and I went to get my haircut while she sat in the car with Aubrey.  On the way home we stopped by to pick up Riley and I couldn’t resist taking photos.  Riley insisted that Aubrey look at the camera and this is her helping her do so.  IT CRACKED ME UP when I saw it!!!

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