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Went to the Farmer’s Market Today and say these gorgeous flowers. I have no idea what kind they are but I do know I got about 30 photos of them!


Took my mom to the doctor for a checkup (she had eye surgery). While I was waiting for her I went out by the pond that the Medical Park had and saw these sweet little mama goose sitting on her babies. As you can tell by the photo she was keeping her eye on me.

Tonight we went grocery shopping and JoJo treated me to dinner.  Aubrey really wanted some of her daddy’s Strawberry Lemonade too bad it ended up in his lap and not her belly. I believe this is the 3rd drink she has dumped in his lap!

Today was the last day of work for me. I wanted to get something that symbolized that but all I could think of were cheesy exit signs, a pic of my company badge. Then I walked outside and saw the building across the street. For some reason I love this building and the bright blue sky behind it made me say YEAH THATS THE PIC.

Wrapping up my last week at work. I decided to travel around the building collecting pics to help me remember it all. This pic was taken in the pressroom where they store the paper. These are huge rolls of newsprint.

Today was a lazy day for Bre and I. I was recovering from a saturday night party (sheesh I aint as young as I used to be) and Bre was nice enough to let us nap all day. This is her waking up from a nap. CRAZY HAIR and a SMILE on her face. That’s my girl!

We had a birthday party tonight and I knew there would be lots of snack foods that didn’t follow my diet plan. In order to help me stay on track we went out to dinner where I got salad and veggies and Aubrey had peanuts 🙂

Today the folks at work took me out to lunch to say farewell (next Tuesday is my last day). When we got back Chris brought this amazing cake over that his wife HAYLEY made for me. She is an awesome baker and I can’t wait til she opens a bakery!!!

My sister and Aubrey took my mom to the doctor today for a checkup (she had eye surgery).  They met JoJo and I for lunch, on the way to lunch when I was leaving work I happened to glance up and caught a glimpse of this guy saying HI.  I had to zoom in on him to get a shot but I couldn’t resist

WOW what a day.  JoJo never received his W2 form so we had them email us a copy then we had to have his taxes done, race to the post office and then target to stock on much needed supplies.  To say thank you he treated me to TGIFridays. . .and they have the most awesome Blue Raspberry Slush. I highly recommend you go get one – RIGHT NOW!

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