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Today was a gorgeous day! 70 all day but right around sunset the clouds rolled in. This is the view from our house. We live kind of in a valley.


*BLURRED OUT THE PERSONAL INFO* So we thought JoJo had the flu. . . apparently he has some kind of Lung Infection and as a result he was given all this medicine. I feel so bad for him, this is a guy who doesn’t even take aspirin when he has a headache!

Ever had one of those days. . . . . today was that day for me!  

I woke up to an email questioning where I got a template for one of my websites, they were saying it was their original design but I received it from a free template website – had to clean up that mess.  Work was a bear I spent the entire 8 hours cleaning up messes made by people who refuse to follow procedure because they feel like they know a better way.  Got home and Aubrey knocked over a pitcher of tea, a jar of sweet potatoes, Sienna (the dog) threw up on the floor.  JoJo got stuck at work cause the car broke down.  Then right before bed we realized we were out of formula and had no car to drive to the store. . . . . glad that day is over!

Aubrey got sweet potatoes tonight and as you can see by the empty jar SHE LOVES THEM!

The diet is going pretty good.  I was pretty depressed tonight when I weighed myself and didn’t see a difference in numbers. . . . but then I measured and I have lost 5 INCHES!!!


I stumbled across this while at the flea market today . . . . ISN”T IT AWESOME.  Its a piece of a carousel!!! I WANT THIS FOR AUBREY’S room, it’s only $1500!!!

I bought my wedding dress today and I bought my niece her flowergirl dress. . . . isn’t it so romantic. My wedding is in a garden and I am going for the fairy, garden, romantic look. I AM SO EXCITED

So Friday my sister and I went looking at wedding dresses.  Since my sister was with me we HAD to stop at starbucks.  I dropped her off to run in and was turning around in the parking lot when I say this. . . . a random toboggan on a fence post.

What can I say she plays hard.

Looks like the flu bug has hit our house.  JoJo came home from work tonight with a 100 fever!

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