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Does anything really need to be said. . . THE HOT DOUGHNUTS NOW sign was on and JoJo and I both knew what had to be done.


I was having a photoshoot tonight of Aubrey, without her knowledge.  I called her name and she turned around and I snapped the pic. . . . apparently the  flash startled her so I got this gorgeous surprised look!

Andy’s Cheesesteaks. . . . While I don’t eat the cheesesteaks (vegetarian) I do love to drink their homemade Orange Ade.  We don’t get to go her often so when we do it’s always a treat.  We had to go pick up my cousin today so he could play flag football with JoJo we took this opportunity to stop and eat at Andy’s !!!

My sister gets a little excited when we go to Michael’s Craft Store

Aubrey got a new hat. . .

I was working at my desk and I turned around to ask JoJo a question.  This is what I saw. . . not only does he have tunnel vision but now my baby does!!!!!!


Usually when we get “snow” what we get is a bunch of ice.  We never get the pretty powder stuff.  So needless to say when I was driving to work this morning and saw how the snow was just sitting on the tress like flowers or leaves I thought it was beautiful!!!!

IT SNOWED TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I bet we probably got about 2 inches.  This is Aubrey’s first snow!

Hi my name is Dakota and I have an obsession with stuffed animals. I like to pull their eyes off and then slowly pull the stuffing out.  

Dakota guarding the fish that she stole from Aubrey

JoJo was out of town for 2 days.  When he got home Aubrey was so HAPPY!!!! She didn’t want to go to sleep, she fought so hard but finally it got the best of her!

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